Are your business operations healthy?

Are your business operations healthy?


Our upcoming meeting to discuss our company’s operations has prompted me to write this. We are always striving to keep ourselves in check, personally or as a team in whole. With society constantly evolving and people changing, building solid business operations can be a struggle.

“But what many people don’t take into account is that there are other variables at work, such as the dynamics of the company and the people within it.”

13 Best Practices for Building Solid Small Business Operations 

I feel that we lucked out in having employers that encourage suggestions and feedback from us, which feels like each of us truly has an individual part to play in the company’s progress. Of course, communication is key. For myself, I’m consistently learning how to build the relationships that I want with others. How can I put my views across without hurting somebody? Which are the questions I should raise? Ai Weiwei puts it beautifully, “I don’t guarantee to have an answer, but I can at least pose a question.”

It is up to us to admit our inefficiencies and take action to address it, or just let ourselves drift further away day by day from our core values/operations. We might think we are good enough, but we can always do better.

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