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Featured in Executive Lifestyl...

Director and Co-Founder of successful interior design business Mu Interior is Cham Swee Chuah. With a love for all things design, he has thrown his heart into his work and built a team that sticks together. Naturally, various challenges and difficulties face this entrepreneurial team and Cham let us in on how Mu overcomes them, and loves to satisfy customers! Is this team looking to touch international borders, or stick to their roots? Read on! Read more here!

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Featured in Channel NewsAsia

Icube by EonReality and mü interior was featured in Channel NewsAsia. Collaborated with EonReality we designed and built a sophisticated facility in ITE College Central, Officially named Center of Technology in 3D Applied Technologies or nicknamed Icube. That’s us in : 2:05 🙂

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Ciel Patisserie TV debut

Follow these links : episode 19 and episode 20 “Cailing’s eatery opens. She teaches Huixin and the other mentally challenged staff how to make pastries. She discovers that Huixin is talented and hopes to create new versions of traditional cakes to attract the younger crowd.”

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Behind the Design of Hotels

The Science Behind (Interior) Design

by Creative Director of designphase dba Joris Angevaare

The business strategy of hotels is changing – because the way people use hotels is changing. With the rising popularity of the sharing economy, millennials and digital disruption, travellers are increasingly savvy.

For instance, no longer are their food options bound by the limitations of a hotel and its immediate vicinity; they now have access to the entire city’s kitchen right on their fingertips, with the likes of UberEats and Deliveroo.

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How to design a new restaurant

“Did you know that a restaurant touches all five senses of the human body? Sight and smell stimulate your appetite. Hearing lifts up the mood, touch gives you incentive and taste is what makes you come back for more. In this way, a restaurant is a place of not only enjoyment but of experience. Therefore, you should design it in a way that not only caters to your brand’s personality but is personally inviting to your customers.

Unfortunately, there are quite a few restaurant design problems that modern eateries are plagued by these days. You might have even experienced one first hand! Remember when you went out for a casual hangout with your friends and ended up knocking elbows while eating because the table was too small? (Happens to the best of us). Or when you were allotted the table right in front of the bathroom and the whole dining experience turned out to be exceptionally terrible? (It’s universal!) These are not even the tip of the iceberg when it comes to listing all the restaurant design problems.
So we’ll be taking a look at some of the most common design problems of a new restaurant and how to deal with them.

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Interior Design for Academic Institutions

Interior Design for Academic Institutions

We’ve done a few projects for the Institute of Technical Education (ITE College), and was honoured to be chosen out of at least 20 other candidates to be awarded for our designs of these projects (not all pictured). Translating the college’s values of creativity and innovation into interior design is always a challenge, but one we enjoy.

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Project Coordinator

Job Duties: Responsible for the overall construction and management of interior fit-out project (Retails, Offices and Other Projects) […]

Quantity Surveyor cum
Project Administrator

Job Duties: Responsible for the taking of quantities, sourcing subcontractors and suppliers, pricing and preparation of tender submission[…]





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