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Featured in Executive Lifestyl...

Director and Co-Founder of successful interior design business Mu Interior is Cham Swee Chuah. With a love for all things design, he has thrown his heart into his work and built a team that sticks together. Naturally, various challenges and difficulties face this entrepreneurial team and Cham let us in on how Mu overcomes them, and loves to satisfy customers! Is this team looking to touch international borders, or stick to their roots? Read on! Read more here!

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Featured in Channel NewsAsia

Icube by EonReality and mü interior was featured in Channel NewsAsia. Collaborated with EonReality we designed and built a sophisticated facility in ITE College Central, Officially named Center of Technology in 3D Applied Technologies or nicknamed Icube. That’s us in : 2:05 🙂

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Ciel Patisserie TV debut

Follow these links : episode 19 and episode 20 “Cailing’s eatery opens. She teaches Huixin and the other mentally challenged staff how to make pastries. She discovers that Huixin is talented and hopes to create new versions of traditional cakes to attract the younger crowd.”

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Signage – Tips for Effective Store Display

We’re in the midst of procuring signage which prompted me to write this. Designing signage can be tricky. What attracts your targeted audience? What puts them off? Or worse, a wrong intention. “Much like you set standards for an employee’s appearance and expectations for their conduct, the color, visibility, messaging, and quality of signs also require a certain amount of development and consideration.” –

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Importance of Colours


Colours can affect moods and provoke feelings, and they definitely play a crucial part in designing spaces. Choosing an appropriate colour can be daunting, with desired specific energies in different spaces. Using them wisely can be rewarding.

What sort of mood do you want to put your customers in? What kind of brand personality do you want to present? These factors can help decide which colours to be used. We need to first understand how they behave and influence our mood. Engaging a professional is your best bet. They can help streamline your choices and arrive at your desired overall outcome. One should also do some research on what best depicts your brand, and which impressionable colour that you want to imprint on customers.

It’s almost basic knowledge to know that brighter colours give a lighter and airy space, while darker colours tend to evoke intimate settings. What kind of products you’re selling can also play a big part, for example, a fashion retail store should ideally be bright and spacious so people would feel invited to come in to shop. Fun and energetic or calm and serene, it really depends on your brand.

With that said, remember to have fun!


Project Coordinator

Job Duties: Responsible for the overall construction and management of interior fit-out project (Retails, Offices and Other Projects) […]

Quantity Surveyor cum
Project Administrator

Job Duties: Responsible for the taking of quantities, sourcing subcontractors and suppliers, pricing and preparation of tender submission[…]





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