INSPIRATION: The Jane Restaurant In A Renovated Church, Antwerp, Belgium

INSPIRATION: The Jane Restaurant In A Renovated Church, Antwerp, Belgium

It’s always good to come across repurposed locations that enable us to see them in a new light. The Jane Restaurant in Antwerp, Belgium is one good example. I stand for their intention to preserve most of the environment, which was the result of a seamless fuse between history and the contemporary fittings. It produces a cosy yet formal architecture that would be appealing to most. The original ceiling, especially, is a solid piece of history that cocoons the interior and provides a subtle reminder of history for the people.

Would love to visit someday.


“Michelin-star chef Sergio Herman and chef Nick Bril created their “fine dining meets rock ’n roll” restaurant vision together with Piet Boon over three years ago in a mythical location in Antwerp; the chapel of a former military hospital. Piet Boon® Studio, responsible for the interior design and styling of The Jane, since then collaborated in the chapel’s unique transformation into a high-end, contemporary restaurant with international allure where experience is key.

Based on our belief in authenticity, functionality and materials that ‘age beautifully’ we chose to restore only the highly necessary in the chapel and hence preserve the rest. The original ceiling amongst others conveys the pure, understated and respectful environment that serves as the authentic host for the ultimate fine dining experience.” -Piet Boon

photos from boredpanda and Piet Boon 

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