Student Activity Centre

mü interior is tasked to design the Student’s Activity Center in a way such that the students will enjoy interacting with their counterparts in this space. We have created three different zones that are adaptable and flexible to suit the needs of the users in different utilization settings. One good example of this is that we have brought in modular and interchangeable seats to permit one-seater as well as a linked chain of seats for bigger groups to have discussions together.

• Activity Zone: Students can use this designated space for different activities, be it dance practices or informal gatherings. We have ensured that there is an abundance of seats available so that users can keep this zone bustling with activities.

• Play Zone: We have designed this zone to be the ultimate play space for the students. Different game setups have been included here such as air hockey, foosball, board games, billiards, and even X-Box Kinect!

• Connect Zone: We have added a raised platform here as a designated stage area for performing arts to take place. This space is also a planned area for students to ‘connect’ with their fellow schoolmates by simply hanging out here.

  • Client: Student Activity Centre @ ITE College East
  • Location: Simei Avenue
  • Category: Education

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