Ricoh Office – Mapletree Business City

Ricoh Office – Mapletree Business City

Ricoh Singapore Pte Ltd

Mapletree Business City

22,910 sqft

Designed to fulfil the requirements of Ricoh Singapore to become a green office, we planned the overall space in such a way that discourages wastage. The concept is based on functionality. Implementing an open system with minimum enclosed space, we aim to make a modern office, which is high in flexibility and the ability to be reconfigured over time.

To further achieve an eco-friendly environment, the paint and wallpaper we used are low in VOC level, to reduce indoor air quality compromising solvents.

Lighting throughout the entire office has also been divided into effective zoning, calculated carefully from different usage in each respective area.

In 2012, Ricoh received their Gold Green Mark award from the Singapore Building and Construction Authority.