M1 – One Raffles Place

M1 – One Raffles Place

Our proposal seeks to explore the highlights of M1 brands that has been all the while translated to the space such as colour scheme, shapes and lines that marked as inseparable identity of M1, then refresh them to create lingering connections that straight-away communicates it to how good it feels to be a member of the M1 community.

The new M1 outlet emphasises the importance of communal and community. Taking concept of “coffee shops” and Starbucks-effect, the space allows customers to roam around confidently. The table displays and discussion areas are of different arrangement, heights and finishes. The main displays table are clad in wood finish. It is warm to the touch, it conveys relax message and approachability. This is supported by non-uniform lighting arrangement throughout the space.

The space is not glaring, the spotlights gives the drama by focusing into different experiences, whether it’s Apple experience, meeting point experience, registration experience, product education experience and so on. From the staff’s point of view, since the tone of space is brought down and is more relaxed, it is less intrusive to approach customers, it doesn’t feel like they are forcing the customers to commit something. The transaction is based on knowledge transfer from a “trusted friend”.

To take advantage of the process of engaging the customers through service knowledge transfer. The focus is human to human interactions and the feeling of ease throughout that process of interaction.


One Raffles Place

1150 sqft