The design for this Lavina outlet features a predominant nuance of white. Lavina provides beautiful garments and accessories for ladies and its new retail store at Bugis+ has been specially designed to reflect elegance and modernism. The shelving units feature chic curves which create a special identity for this impressive boutique.

The predominantly white color scheme also allows the merchandise to stand out from the crowd and attract the attention of the patrons. The lighting options are hanged from the ceiling and they are positioned to make certain products as visible as possible. The brand of the shop is vividly displayed on a large sign at the shop entrance and it gives this retail store a posh feel. We also aim to capture the essence of the store’s outlook to appear young, sweet and trendy with the selected colors.

  • Client: Lavina
  • Location: Bugis+, Harbourfront Centre
  • Category: Retail Shops

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