Experience ITE Centre

The new EIC is envisioned as the center of fun and attraction, with the bright, attractive colors that are reminiscent of festive and fun, to the silhouette images of eponymous amusement park.

With the new graphics and colors, there will be no denying on which the centre stands for. Fun. Whimsy. Festive.

The exterior glass windows are adorned with translucent graphic stickers with confetti design, symbolizing celebration and happiness. The center glass panels are designed with theme park silhouette.

Upon entering, the hallways’ previous poster of F1 racing cars are rightfully changed with parks graphics. And in the center arena, the columns are given life with custom posters with quotes that will inspire the students and visitors.

Each interior glass partitions that separates the lecture rooms to the center arena is dressed with translucent graphic stickers with buntings and confetti design – a famous characterization of carnivals or festivities,

As for individual lecture rooms, the graphics that depicts formula racing and such are replaced with stylized, full-sized posters of amusement park rides, concepts and scenarios.

  • Client: Experience ITE Centre
  • Tasks: Concept, Design & Development
  • Category: Education

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