Beauty Wellness Spa

Whether it’s a sense of touch from their spa attendant, the smells of scented oils or eucalyptus, a spectacular view or the sound of a bubbling fountain, we want guests to enjoy a complete total sensory experience. The key is to be subtle, not overwhelming.

The concept centers around the idea of relaxation and harmony, that puts the psycho-physical well-being of the guests at ease – even just from entering the premises.

The color scheme is about evoking the feeling of warmth and tranquility, with the neutral colors differentiated by the rich, contrasting color tonality and material textures. Nature and neutral organic colors are the vision in which the centre is designed. Wall partitions are treated in varying textures of wallpaper finishes with accent wall features. The carpet’s pattern is selected to have organic, free-flowing pattern, away from the usual rigid carpet designs. The main design feature is derived from the smooth and sinewy silhouette of a tree branch. Using the branch silhouette as a focal point that adorns the varying sides of the wall and reception counter, makes the designed space coherent and unified with a single theme.

  • Client: Beauty Wellness Spa
  • Location: ITE College East
  • Category: Institution

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