Banking Hall – ITE College Central

Banking Hall – ITE College Central

Banking Hall

ITE College Central

Dynamic. The financial institution is built on a force of changes, and therefore banking environment has to reflect the movements, combining strength and power, in balance with fluid energy.

Zest of fresh lemon colour is then injected to accentuate and give vitality to suit the young student profile as the future business performers in the modern banking world.

Plenty of lights, the use of glass and reflective materials complement the sleek and modern look, showing the dynamic face of a bank of the future. Lines and curves, dynamically placed throughout the space, by the form of furniture, wall and wall finish details are designed to give a balance of composition, a blend between strength and flexibility, both being the core value of a bank.

To finish the look, selection of carpet tiles are laid in a way that it makes the different zones, with each colour to represent the function of the zones they are sheltering.