Why Experience Matters

Why Experience Matters

Ceros dot com – Does it matter?

Yes, experience does matter. It’s wonderful that I stumbled across ceros.com recently. It advocates Experiential Content and I quote them, “Purchasing decisions (yes, even B2B ones) are made by humans, humans make decisions based on logic and feelings, and feelings are formed by our experiences.

Experience Statistics

What’s happening?

What attitudes and beliefs drive human behaviour? How do our impressions of the world shape our decisions? What are the connections between people’s experiences, their perceptions, and habits? If these types of questions are at the heart of your research problem, you’re going to need to connect with people and listen to their stories. A qualitative research approach will be the way to go.

Whether you’re trying to fathom consumer buying decisions, delve into a cultural group’s perception of pain, or unravel motivations for workplace change, qualitative research holds the key to understanding behaviour.


I, too, is usually ruled by how my experience is shaped before making any decisions. It has become important to immerse myself in an experience and enjoy it. When we come to think of it, basing our decisions off experiences has always been our MO. We are just valuing it more now than ever. It is exciting to anticipate what’s going to pave the way for the future.

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