The Apple Card

The Apple Card

Dear God. This has been taken too far. We’re going to jump on the wagon on this. Can’t be put into leather wallets? “Don’t use window or household cleaners, compressed air, aerosol sprays, solvents, ammonia, or abrasives to clean your titanium Apple Card,” What The Verge mentioned was spot on, “what you’re mostly signing up for here is the Apple Card as a status symbol.”


Can’t run away from minimalist design, can we? Debossed logo, no numbers, silver, sleek, titanium. Weight considerably lighter than most metal cards. It’s everything an Apple product would be. It certainly would be nice to have and hold, but it is ironic for a company who’s trying to digitalise credit cards to produce a physical one. Fans of the brand will no doubt not fail to buy into the club again, another product in, another step into a wholly Apple world.

Image by Apple

Just an Apple

Yes. Apple or not, they’re all fruits. They’re all credit cards, ultimately. It is a status symbol, whether you struggle with it or not. How you look like when you whip out the card is all that matters for some people sometimes. It is scary when we realise what we put the highest value on reflects a ton on what kind of a people we are.

Don’t remember what we did before the Smart Era of junk devices. Too many damn devices. Screens. Everywhere. Human interaction, limited. Vanity, too much. What will happen next? Everything looks like a train wreck is going to happen or has already happened and I did not mean this to get philosophical like all the others….. See you guys next week.

I think an Apple Car is next?