Signage – Tips for Effective Store Display

Signage – Tips for Effective Store Display

We’re in the midst of procuring signage which prompted me to write this. Designing signage can be tricky. What attracts your targeted audience? What puts them off? Or worse, a wrong intention. “Much like you set standards for an employee’s appearance and expectations for their conduct, the colour, visibility, messaging, and quality of signs also require a certain amount of development and consideration.” –

Neon signs?



Apart from being well-labelled, compelling and attention catching, a signage should also be informative, to provide customers with some insight on the products even without the help of the staff.

“Your shoppers shouldn’t notice great merchandising, but it should focus their eyes on a display. The lighting should draw them toward a fixture; the signage should pique their curiosity, and together make them want to buy more.” x

The mentioned source also made some good points:

The thing to remember is that there is no merchandise in your store that a customer can’t purchase online.

Therefore, when they do drive to your store, they expect to get something more than they can glean off a website. That’s where the art and science of retail merchandising give brick and mortar retailers an advantage over their online competitors. To begin merchandising your store, always start with the front doors, for this is the first chance your shoppers have to understand the alien planet that is your store.

People like to shop in bright energetic spaces. Is there adequate lighting to achieve this?

Newcomers hate to have to ask where something is. Is your directional signage easy to understand and well-placed?

Displays are your silent salespeople because they can show an entire system or series of add-ons to lift average ticket. Are the relationships in your displays obvious?

Well-placed, well-worded signs help intrigue, answer questions, and entice shoppers to look, touch or hold. Do yours?

Creating a conducive environment to shop in cannot be stressed enough because some still take for granted to assume that DIY furniture is enough. What are the ways to best present your brand? Well-thought-out plans are a must. Engaging a professional may be expensive, but it’ll do your business good in the long run.

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