Interior Design for Academic Institutions

Interior Design for Academic Institutions

Interior Design for Academic Institutions

We’ve done a few projects for the Institute of Technical Education (ITE College), and was honoured to be chosen out of at least 20 other candidates to be awarded for our designs of these projects (not all pictured). Translating the college’s values of creativity and innovation into interior design is always a challenge, but one we enjoy.


The emphasis and concern on the environment that we educate our posterity in, have been escalating quickly in the recent years. Competition is through the roof and stress levels are at an all-time high, for educators and students alike. If we can make an effort to alleviate some of that, we want to make it so that we maintain creativity while also providing an environment where students can feel at ease.

It’s important that people can enjoy their surroundings, thus easily unleashing their creativity to create and explore ideas. But what makes a conducive environment? Putting the different elements like the colours, furniture placement and lighting together is key.

Doing a little research on the factors that contribute to a fruitful journey of education would help a lot in the design aspect of an academic institution. It must, of course, reflect the values and ideas that are going to be taught and learned. It is also ideal to look at the possibilities of weaving elements of nature into the learning environment. Who wants to be in a frigid indoor place without any form of greenery of some sort?

“Students who go to well-designed schools can learn much better – a year-long study from British researchers shows that kids benefit more from schools designed to be inviting and friendly. After all, it certainly doesn’t help to feel like you’re spending the day in a crumbling brick prison.” x

Not just having to come up with an environment that is instrumental in education, the educators are as equally important in passing down information that can aid learners’ holistic growth.

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