Inspiration: Ceilings

Inspiration: Ceilings

The ceiling is a great place to feature in certain projects. I find that it’s such a waste that it gets neglected sometimes. An unusual ceiling can certainly give any space a lift on a whole. There’s a reason why we are attracted to places with high ceilings like cathedrals. From Why our Brains Love High Ceilings, “some research from a few years back ties high ceilings to a psychological sense of freedom”. Apparently, higher ceilings promote wider thinking and visuospatial exploration.

High Ceiling Interior
High Ceiling

“Variations in ceiling heights are good for us psychologically. Assorted ceiling heights within a space create clearly different zones; each height seems like a different “neighbourhood.” – Looking Up

According to research, we will tend to think more freely and abstractly with high ceilings. This article interestingly states, “variations in ceiling height can evoke concepts that, in turn, affect how consumers process information”. Thus, their shopping habits will be influenced and in turn, affect your sales. “Careful attention to this important design aspect of retail spaces can pay off for those with one eye on the ceiling and the other on the bottom line.

Not all of us has the luxury of a high ceiling, but if you do, make the best out of it! We can argue about whichever ceilings are better, but do what’s best for it to be more comfortable psychologically for yourself. Nobody else knows best besides yourself.

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