Importance of Colours

Importance of Colours


Colours can affect moods and provoke feelings, and they definitely play a crucial part in designing spaces. Choosing an appropriate colour can be daunting, with desired specific energies in different spaces. Using them wisely can be rewarding.

What sort of mood do you want to put your customers in? What kind of brand personality do you want to present? These factors can help decide which colours to be used. We need to first understand how they behave and influence our mood. Engaging a professional is your best bet. They can help streamline your choices and arrive at your desired overall outcome. One should also do some research on what best depicts your brand, and which impressionable colour that you want to imprint on customers.

It’s almost basic knowledge to know that brighter colours give a lighter and airy space, while darker colours tend to evoke intimate settings. What kind of products you’re selling can also play a big part, for example, a fashion retail store should ideally be bright and spacious so people would feel invited to come in to shop. Fun and energetic or calm and serene, it really depends on your brand.

With that said, remember to have fun!

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