How to Shop: Signage

How to Shop: Signage

How to Shop: Signage

Number one, what type of signage you’re looking at? Neon? Epoxy resin? LED?

Two, what’s your budget like?

Three, your timeline? It’s important to determine this as vendors will need to predict their lead time for you.

Then comes four, the shipping rates and speed.


Signage can be a tricky thing, especially when it’s customized. There’s going to be a lot of back and forth with the vendor which can be frustrating at times when circumstances do not allow a face to face session. Details are at risk of being missed out or they might get the colour wrong. For us recently was acquiring the epoxy resin signage. We had to make sure the vendor was able to make the resin of the end product full enough, to produce that glossy popped out effect that we were looking for. Size, of course, was a major factor because some vendors couldn’t produce in certain minimal sizes, so we had to keep looking.

The lighting variance is also a great factor. We needed to make sure how bright did we want it and was it the right shade of white/colour? The font of each individual letter, especially the curves of it, affects the accuracy of the workmanship. Plus, also to look out for, the evenness of the spray paint (if required) on all sides. And length of wires! These are the few basics to keep in mind when customizing.

Shopping for customized items can be tedious but make sure all the effort is worth it. No one likes a wasted attempt. Happy looking! (Or contact us if you are lost, we might be able to help!)

Here’s also some tips for effective store signage.

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