Project: GelatoWorks!

Project: GelatoWorks!

New gelato store in Alexandra Central, Singapore


The inspiration for designing GelatoWorks? 

A mixture of image reference and client’s idea and needs. It’s about the process of producing gelato. The hanging pipes depict factory production look while showing the connection between gelato and toppings.

I thought the way the flavours are displayed is clever. How did it come up?

Instead of displaying the flavours on a rigid menu board, putting it up on the wall can be part of the design.

Love the pastel colour theme. What did we hope to achieve with this design?

Sweet and lovely theme aimed to attract the young ones. And, don’t you think it looks ‘appetizing’?

What did we consider while designing? 

The space has to be user friendly to the child as well as to the adult. The topping station is being placed lower, so that the child can take part in designing their own gelato.


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