Future Retail Experience

Future Retail Experience


People are already foreseeing the future of the retail industry and it is indeed interesting to see what we’ve already thought of so far. Is artificial intelligence going to take away jobs? How we, in the interior design industry, can do to help our clients in their brand building efforts and store design to better provide their customers with an interactive environment?

Some points I’ve gathered from other sources:

  1. Personalizing the Retail Experience

Today’s retail consumers expect a seamless experience that provides personalized communication on new products and engaging loyalty programs across all customer service channels.

It’s no surprise that millennials continue to lean towards social media and mobile as their preferred communication channel with retail brands. In fact, 84 percent of millennial consumers have had their online shopping behaviours influenced by social media, with almost half of this group purchasing products online monthly through mobile devices. However, retailers are still struggling with how to engage this audience and understand how to use these channels effectively. source

2. Transforming Your Retail Customer Experience

The point here is not just that a tablet can replace a cash register. It’s that the whole concept of a separate queuing area, a place set aside intentionally for the customer to wait before being allowed to pay and leave, shouldn’t exist. When your customers are shopping online, they’re not corralled into a standing formation until the website’s ready to check them out—so why should merchants think it’s ok to corral people into lines in designated areas in the physical world of shopping? source

It is overwhelming when you realize we’re progressing this way to meet our own demands, and the pace we are at. It’s as incredible as it is imminent.


Amazon Go is a fantastic example of the future of retail:

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