Foster + Partners Apple Store at Orchard Rd

Foster + Partners Apple Store at Orchard Rd

Fosters + Partners Apple store at Orchard Road

Foster + Partners recently opened one of their “greenest Apple spaces yet” here in Singapore. With he highest density of trees, we are officially the greenest city in Asia. We can’t help but feel proud of that. It’s great to see efforts of sustainability from different corporations.

Love the trees, like the ones in the Regent Street store.


“It breaks down the boundaries between the inside and outside, with the greenery cascading through the store from the mezzanine to the ground floor and out onto Orchard Road, creating the most welcoming civic gesture.”

“Inside, the two-storey space is framed by walls of Italian Castagna stone, which integrate the two hand-carved spiral staircases. The architects describe these as “warm and beautifully sculpted bookends” that offer “an homage to craftsmanship and materiality”.

The ficus trees are located on both levels, planted in the same donut-shaped pots seen in previous stores, but the majority can be found up on the mezzanine.”

Apple is using its influence to promote awareness for going green and it’s the right thing to do to push others into the right direction too. Seeing articles like this also provokes us to think: are we doing our part?

Photos by Nigel Young/Foster + Partners

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