Experience Design

Experience Design

“To design an experience is not an easy task. It requires the control and mastery of multiple fields and the ability to weave them together into a single experience, like different engineers working together to create “the posh experience” of a Porsche.” – Ong Tze Boon source

Although experience design has been around for some time, it still feels a bit foreign (to me, at least). But it certainly can transform businesses, as ‘it advocates using the concept behind the brand as a way to identify and define the value for customers in ways that can be differentiated in the way that products and services deliver value.’ source

wiki definition of Experience Design (XD):

An approach to the design of products, services and environments based on a holistic consideration of the users’ experience. Experience design is therefore driven by consideration of the ‘moments’ of engagement between people and brands, and the memories these moments create. Also known as experimental marketing, customer experience design, experiential design, brand experience.

Having a keen observation is one of the best things you can do in any situation. In this case, is to develop a rich understanding of the customers’ perspectives by researching and asking questions that can help us design the experience that speaks to customers. So we can form an ideal experience through interior design which fuses human and environment interactions seamlessly. We are always striving to influence outcomes with our designs and in turn, aid our clients’ businesses.

Experience Design is definitely an area we would love to delve into, to better serve our clients and prospects.

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