Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing


We’re always in the midst of improving our digital marketing methods and would love if anyone could give us some tips, suggestions and advice on our journey.

Here are some basics that we’ve refreshed ourselves with recently:

6 key benefits of Digital Marketing

  1. Allows engagement with customers in real-time
  2. Enables global reach
  3. Brands can further develop themselves and build relationships with clients
  4. Messages can be accessed over multiple channels
  5. Cheaper than traditional marketing
  6. Creates a level playing field for companies to compete, no matter size/budget

Top 5 Aims of Digital Marketing:

  1. Reaching out to the right people at the right time and delivering the right message
  2. Engaging your audience
  3. Motivating your users to take action – actually getting people to do things with your brand (I think this we haven’t done enough)
  4. Spending efficiently
  5. Creating a return on your investment – increasing the money you make as a percentage of the money initially invested through your campaign

We certainly can do much better in this field, so we’re educating and reeducating ourselves on the things we can improve and create. Please let us know on what we can do better!