communality (,kom yə’næl ɪ ti)
n. 1. the state or condition of being communal. 2. a feeling or spirit of cooperation and belonging in a group

Communality is a concept

in community psychology and social psychology which focuses on the experience of community individual’s perception, understanding, attitudes, feelings, etc about community and his or her relationship to it and to others’ participation—indeed to the complete, multifaceted community experience.

Communality and interaction have been proven to increase productivity. The so-called social capital is created in the relationships and working methods among the members of a group, so it may have a great impact in terms of efficiency. According to studies, a low amount of social capital decreases creativity, and communality offer possibilities for networking and the exchange of ideas. By research, a good interaction and spirit will provide courage to try out different things, take risks and learn from failures. All of these will be increasingly significant factors for success in the future. At its best, communality is an amazing asset.

It is necessary to reach beyond your own mind. Sparring, the exchange of ideas and learning from others will increase the resources and mental capital of a small company multi-fold. Communality is formed by the gradual polarization of technological control and the necessary accessibility. The differences are in each public space are based on the aims of people there and their move. In discussing the often fleeting and intangible conditions that produce the kind of urban togetherness should be focused on the communing process.

That has many shapes such as defending open access or resisting commodification, how different users co-inhabit and regulate public space. What constitutes social capital in a given urban setting? What is it that is being shared and maintained? Atmospheres in communality aims to catch such elusive traits of sharing and co-existence. The atmosphere can make them feel welcoming, alienating, safe or unsafe. That is what forms a collective public space.

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