How brick-and-mortar can benefit from e-commerce

How brick-and-mortar can benefit from e-commerce

It is not the death of bricks and mortar retail. Far from it. It may be on the decline these days, but it’s not going anywhere. And e-commerce can help it.

“While it is certainly true that e-commerce is growing quickly, brick-and-mortar sales still account for most total retail revenue. Data from the U.S. Department of Commerce shows in-store retail sales were more than 11 times greater than e-commerce sales ($4.459 billion vs. $389 billion) in 2016.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that bricks-and-mortar retailers can ignore the impact of e-commerce on the way consumers shop. In-store and online shopping habits have become increasingly intertwined and are particularly impacted by mobile devices and their influence on our lives.”

We research and compare products online, but it doesn’t necessarily lead to online purchases.

“Retailers report that 82 percent of customers conduct research online, but more than 90 percent of all retail sales are made in a physical store.”

Other than incorporating technology into brick and mortar experience, like interactive kiosks, or digital checkout, make sure information displayed in-store is also congruent with details provided on your website. Customers would not want their in-store experience to be destroyed, it would discourage any desire to purchase. Bringing down the chances of impatience and confusion to the minimal.

With that said, having fancy technology is for naught if the interior design of the store does not provide a comfortable or encouraging background to the business. Like our previous post mentioned, colours play a huge part, along with lighting. This is where professionals come in, to help come up with a seamless design that can aid the business in alleviating customers’ in-store experience and thus encourage sales (of course, customer service is mandatory).

“When companies offer value-added services, they are more likely to cultivate strong customer loyalty providing a competitive advantage. By utilizing modern technology, retailers are now offering value-added services to transform shopping into a comprehensive, enjoyable experience.” – Forbes

Don’t be a tool in technology, use technology as a tool.


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