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Future Retail Experience


People are already foreseeing the future of the retail industry and it is indeed interesting to see what we’ve already thought of so far. Is artificial intelligence going to take away jobs? How we, in the interior design industry, can do to help our clients in their brand building efforts and store design to better provide their customers with an interactive environment?

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Going Green

“Going green” seems to be an almost involuntary thought for some right now, with the minority consisting of people like Donald Trump (who thinks that climate change is a hoax). How can we be conscious of our social responsibility and also focus on design at the same time? Stephen Shoup did it beautifully, his creative re-use is a great model. To work with something existing will always be a challenge.

“Perhaps the most successful aspect of turning this into a place to live and an office rather than just have this shop space was moving it towards real indoor-outdoor living,” -Shoup

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Are your business operations healthy?

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Our upcoming meeting to discuss about our company’s operations has prompted me to write this. We are always striving to keep ourselves in check, personally or as a team in whole. With society constantly evolving and people changing, building solid business operations can be a struggle.

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INSPIRATION: The Jane Restaurant In A Renovated Church, Antwerp, Belgium

It’s always good to come across repurposed locations that enable us to see them in a new light. The Jane Restaurant in Antwerp, Belgium is one good example. I stand for their intention to preserve most of the environment, which was the result of a seamless fuse between history and the contemporary fittings. It produces a cozy yet formal architecture that would be appealing to most. The original ceiling, especially, is a solid piece of history that cocoons the interior and provides a subtle reminder of history for the people.

Would love to visit someday.

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Featured in Executive Lifestyle – In The Spotlight: Cham Swee Chuah, Director of MU Interior

Director and Co-Founder of successful interior design business Mu Interior is Cham Swee Chuah. With a love for all things design, he has thrown his heart into his work and built a team that sticks together. Naturally, various challenges and difficulties face this entrepreneurial team and Cham let us in on how Mu overcomes them, and loves to satisfy customers! Is this team looking to touch international borders, or stick to their roots? Read on!

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Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year!

Please be informed that our office will be closed from 8 February to 12 February 2016. We will be back in operation on 15 February 2016. If there is any urgent matter, kindly contact the person in-charge of your project.

May your New Year be filled with fun, joy and love! Happy New Year!