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Behind the Design of Hotels

The Science Behind (Interior) Design

by Creative Director of designphase dba Joris Angevaare

The business strategy of hotels is changing – because the way people use hotels is changing. With the rising popularity of the sharing economy, millennials and digital disruption, travellers are increasingly savvy.

For instance, no longer are their food options bound by the limitations of a hotel and its immediate vicinity; they now have access to the entire city’s kitchen right on their fingertips, with the likes of UberEats and Deliveroo.

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How to design a new restaurant

“Did you know that a restaurant touches all five senses of the human body? Sight and smell stimulate your appetite. Hearing lifts up the mood, touch gives you incentive and taste is what makes you come back for more. In this way, a restaurant is a place of not only enjoyment but of experience. Therefore, you should design it in a way that not only caters to your brand’s personality but is personally inviting to your customers.

Unfortunately, there are quite a few restaurant design problems that modern eateries are plagued by these days. You might have even experienced one first hand! Remember when you went out for a casual hangout with your friends and ended up knocking elbows while eating because the table was too small? (Happens to the best of us). Or when you were allotted the table right in front of the bathroom and the whole dining experience turned out to be exceptionally terrible? (It’s universal!) These are not even the tip of the iceberg when it comes to listing all the restaurant design problems.
So we’ll be taking a look at some of the most common design problems of a new restaurant and how to deal with them.

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Interior Design for Academic Institutions

Interior Design for Academic Institutions

We’ve done a few projects for the Institute of Technical Education (ITE College), and was honoured to be chosen out of at least 20 other candidates to be awarded for our designs of these projects (not all pictured). Translating the college’s values of creativity and innovation into interior design is always a challenge, but one we enjoy.

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Signage – Tips for Effective Store Display

We’re in the midst of procuring signage which prompted me to write this. Designing signage can be tricky. What attracts your targeted audience? What puts them off? Or worse, a wrong intention. “Much like you set standards for an employee’s appearance and expectations for their conduct, the color, visibility, messaging, and quality of signs also require a certain amount of development and consideration.” –

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Importance of Colours


Colours can affect moods and provoke feelings, and they definitely play a crucial part in designing spaces. Choosing an appropriate colour can be daunting, with desired specific energies in different spaces. Using them wisely can be rewarding.

What sort of mood do you want to put your customers in? What kind of brand personality do you want to present? These factors can help decide which colours to be used. We need to first understand how they behave and influence our mood. Engaging a professional is your best bet. They can help streamline your choices and arrive at your desired overall outcome. One should also do some research on what best depicts your brand, and which impressionable colour that you want to imprint on customers.

It’s almost basic knowledge to know that brighter colours give a lighter and airy space, while darker colours tend to evoke intimate settings. What kind of products you’re selling can also play a big part, for example, a fashion retail store should ideally be bright and spacious so people would feel invited to come in to shop. Fun and energetic or calm and serene, it really depends on your brand.

With that said, remember to have fun!

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Organizing Material Library in Interior Design firms

Material Library in interior design firms

Not many interior design firms have a full-time librarian to upkeep their material libraries, and it must be a consistent effort to keep it easily accessible and organized. We’re going to implement a new management of the material library and I’ve been doing some searching for some tips we can use. Thought I might share.

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Office aesthetics

Office aesthetics for a more conducive and motivating space

So we’re in progress of making our office more energetic. Plants, mood boards and whatnot. We’re constantly looking for ideas to induce a creative and conducive workplace that everyone can feel comfortable in. I googled for some inspiration we could use and thought it would be good to share.

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Foster + Partners Apple Store at Orchard Rd

Fosters + Partners Apple store at Orchard Road

Foster + Partners recently opened one of their “greenest Apple spaces yet” here in Singapore. With he highest density of trees, we are officially the greenest city in Asia. We can’t help but feel proud of that. It’s great to see efforts of sustainability from different corporations.

Love the trees, like the ones in the Regent Street store.


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OHSAS 18001 and bizSAFE STAR

Both are crucial in our trade of business, especially in ours, where hazards and accidents have a higher rate of happening. It is good to be aware of the certification/acknowledgements of the companies you’re interested in engaging, and know that you can be at ease.


OHSAS – Occupational Health and Safety Assessment series. “certification to OHSAS 18001 is a strong sign of your organization’s commitment to your employees’ health and safety.”


“bizSAFE is a 5-step programme tailored to assist companies build up their workplace safety and health capabilities.” bizSAFE Star is the highest reflection of our commitment to WSH (Workplace Safety and Health)


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